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Week onE: A Royal Identity


We can't fight our enemy without knowing who we are. And often times, the enemy knows who we are long before we wake up and realize who we are. Well it's time for us to rise up as daughters and defend our families, our marriages, our homes, our dreams and our futures with the abilities deposited in us through Christ.


Week Two: The Battle In your mind 


Do you ever feel trapped in your own mind? Fear, insecurity, shame, guilt, unworthiness, comparison... it all begins in the mind. This is one reason why I believe the bible is so adamant about us renewing our minds. Know the truth, take authority, and begin to act in faith, even before you feel it in the natural. That is the way the Kingdom of God works anyways and well, you are you're Father's Daughter :)


Week Three: Authority Made Simple 


Too often we wait till trouble is on the horizon (or we’re right smack dab in the hot mess) to turn to God’s word, looking for some quick fix to the boiling anger we feel rising up in our soul. But Jesus is our answer, our protection and our power to reign in life. Let's learn how to take up the armor of God and fight well as a Daughter of the King.


Week Four: My Shining Knight


Humility humiliates the enemy. It was pride that caused Lucifer to fall and that’s why humility is our greatest weapon when facing him. Jesus paid it all; we simply enact His will on the earth. Everything He did, He did so that you would have to ability to fight, and to fight well. Stand firm in Christ and in His finished work.


Week Five: Racquel Hudson


Do NOT miss this chick as we sit down with her in my living room (with coffee of course) and ask her all types of questions regarding fighting well even when you're not seeing results, the battles in your mind, your identity in Christ, having vision for your life, her personal advice to all of you and so much more!


Week Six: Walking with Vision 


We must have vision for our lives. How will you fight well if you don’t know what you’re fighting for? I know this is the end of the study, but it’s only the beginning of the journey you will go on to walk out your purpose and discover your destiny on this earth. Remember, the enemy doesn’t attack what he is not threatened by, and there is something about you, the real you, and your future that keeps him coming back at you with more. So throw your shoulders back girl... God’s got a story planned that will astound you and the rest of the world. Let Him do what He does best and stand firm in your vision.