"Faith is the substance of things hoped for..."

-Heb 11:1

If you don't have hope in anything, a dream or a vision, than there is nothing for faith to brings substance to. However, when you have hope, a dream etched within the innermost parts of your desire, but no faith in God that it can or will ever happen to YOU, than there is nothing to bring substance to your dreams.

All girls have a desire to be, or be thought of as, a princess. It's a deep longing inside all of our hearts because it's pointing us towards how things were meant to be and who we truly are. But most girls do not believe that it is a "mature" thing to think in this way, or that "It may happen to some girls, but it would never happen to me." That is precisely why nothing ever happens to them! They have a hope in a fictitious fantasy in which they have no faith that God would want to redeem them, let alone the fact that He already has. 

This is because the world has created a false reality around the idea that there was and is nothing special about you, especially not anything Royal. Sure there's the Diana's and the Katherine's of the world, but someone has to play the common girl, right?

This is the lie to femininity.

We are all like the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the last Royal family of Imperial Russia, who was executed along with her family in the summer of 1918 by the Bolshevik secret police; however, she was rumored to have escaped, living in hiding as her kingdom around her came to ruin. Hmm... a princess in hiding... Why does the idea of forbidden Royalty sound so appealing to us? 

Perhaps because we reside in a world of conformity, persuading us that we are only common, living in a land we cannot change. When the most grieving part is, we are the lost princess, who has been away from her palace so long, that she actually starts to believe that there is nothing really special about her. We are like the girl, sitting on a bench, who nervously holds her tiara in her hands. Who wants to believe in it with every fiber in her being, but no where near confident enough to venture so far as to actually put it on. 

No one else can replace you in the Royal bloodline. And until you take up your crown and actually see yourself as someone of Royalty and power and authority, then no one else will ever see you that way either. False humility intrigues no one, but Royalty demands respect. 

What the world tries to portray as reality, is in essence, the fairytale- while, the fairytale is real...