Autumn Leaves

It's Sunday morning and I wake to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, a cool fall breeze sneaking in through my window, initiating, on it's own, a change in the seasons, and these guys playing on my computer. Let's just say, my day started off RIGHT!

It astounds me the number of small things that happen in my day to day life that make it just a little bit better, put a smile on my otherwise tired face, and remind me that there is a Creator who made all of these wonderful things, just for me to enjoy.

So while I'm listening to the words "Build Your Kingdom Here," I'm starting to realize the ways in which He already has... It's in a smile, a kiss, a really good latte, leaves turning into brilliant autumn, the sunrise painting the sky and in the mountains, standing like a high fortress, reminding me that my God is just too big to put into words. And He does all for this for one put a smile on our face and to show us how things were meant to be all along.