When Purpose Found Me

On a busy square in Berlin, Germany, the sun slowly setting behind the World Clock to my right, I engage my camera on the mission team to my left, performing a skit, illustrating the gospel to hundreds of lost and hurting Germans. I'm taken back by the chill of the pavement on my knees as I find the perfect angel. My fingers grip the camera with a sense of urgency, as if I was the only person alive who could capture this moment. As the crowd around us grew larger, I heard a voice from inside myself say, "This is what I've created you for, and this is only the beginning..." 

In April 2013, I was honored to lead the Charis Bible College mission team to Cologne and Berlin Germany. Being an intern in the School of Media program, I was also asked to create the video for the trip, along with second year student, Jeff Giaimo. Whether we were shooting out on the streets, conducting late night meetings for our next day's agenda (over coffee and pastries of course!) or spending 20 hours a day trying to edit our masterpiece within the confines of our local Starbucks... I came to the realization of what my passion in life truly is. 

I never felt more focused and important and inspired than when we were working on this video. This just goes to show me that you really can't miss God's call on your life if you don't want to. When you follow the desires of your heart (desires that He Himself strategically placed on the inside of you) they will lead to all of the beautiful moments that in the end, make up your destiny.  

So what are you waiting for: pick up the camera, take the internship, learn the instrument, go to the college, dance your heart out and follow unceasingly after your dreams. 50 years from now, I would rather look back and reminisce over all of the things I was crazy enough to take a chance on, than wonder over the questions I never got answered...