Story of My Life

We had two options….lay around the house and do absolutely nothing, or go and create something amazing! We chose the latter. I love my job and I love what I do, but if your only dishing out your creativity through demands and assignments, you will slowly start to resent the very thing that once sparked your imagination. It's important to create things just for the very sake of creating it! 

This shoot turned into an absolute blast. We explored Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs (we tend to take the "Do Not Enter" signs more as suggestions…) and later got some coffee at Agia Sophia's Coffee Shop and Book Store in Old Colorado City. Even though this video was strictly for fun, there was a deeper meaning behind it all, for us at least. It really depicted how both of us are at a place in life right now where the road is wide open before us. We're learning to let go of the mistakes that we've been holding onto so tightly and to take hold of the adventure that awaits us as we take a step out into the unknown. For me, thats moving to Saint Petersburg, Russia January 6th! I cannot say that I'm not at all nervous, but I know that choosing to live your life is well worth the risk. Let's find out!