I have officially undergone a love affair with Photoshop Actions. For the longest time, the very concept of "actions" in Photoshop confused me; being more of a videographer than a photographer myself, I always associated that word with video. How could actions be used in a still photograph. 

Well I finally rolled up my sleeves and did a little research and was suddenly awakened to the world of Actions. An Action is simply a collection of effects and adjustments that are grouped together to give a desired look. While editing an image in Photoshop, especially if the end result is a "look" I might want to repeat, I can group and save my edits together as an Action. Why didn't anyone ever tell me about this before?

I must admit, that since this new found revelation, I may have gone a bit over board with it in my own work; However, because of that, I am now fairly comfortable working with actions and am able to apply them appropriately to my work. Whether it's for giving a sense of individuality, lighting up or grudging down an image, or simply to add that small hint of professionalism to your work, Photoshop Actions are a must for any photographer looking to spice up their images. Cameras ready. Go create.