This past Saturday, March 8th, was a very special day here in Petersburg. Next to New Years, Women's Day is the largest holiday in all of Russia, leaving the businesses closed and the grocery stores bought out of their finest wines and fresh flowers. I must say, I'm rather fond of this tradition and wonder why it hasn't leaked into the rest of the world yet. Perhaps it's because the same importance that is bestowed upon women in Russia isn't quite the same point of view everywhere else in the world. After the war, the Russian men were practically annihilated and it was up to the women to carry on with life and help put society back together again. There are far more women in Russia than there are men, and because of this, Men's Day (only about a week ago) came and went, while Women's Day is apparently a week long celebration. 

So, in honor of this glorious holiday, I've included links to some of my favorite places on the internet, either newly found or bookmarked since I received my mac, that are all inspired by women. Sorry guys.. I'm so happy I'm a woman! 

  • This teaching, "The Confident Woman Fights like a Girl" by Lisa Bevere is one of my favorites I've come across lately and to be honest I probably watch it once a week
  • Susan Stripling is an outstanding Wedding Photographer and gifted teacher; I learned so much from her classes on Creative Live
  • For those of you looking for a good read, this article by The Every Girl profiles Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty and definitely inspires my entrepreneur heart, leading me to believe the only limits on my life and career are the ones I place on myself.
  • I can't help it.. I love this blog.. Local Milk gets me every time with her take on life, love, beauty.. This is one lady that will change the way you define "southern"
  • I just finished the book "The Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business" and I found it hard to ever put it down. The two outstanding women that wrote it not only have extensive experience in the business world, but they write in such a way you almost feel as though your sitting at the coffee shop with your girlfriend, sipping lattes while you catch each other up on your latest business endeavors..
  • The Life with Greens blog, by the very talented Sarah Haglund, has forever changed the way I look at "greens" and healthy food in general. There is no shortage of yummy recipes as well as basic education on all things green!
  • Speaking of health, the Tone It Up videos are my favorite for getting into shape and looking upon the upcoming summer with a smile.
  • I know "Of Monsters and Men" isn't exactly an all girl band, but this girl, singing this song, it's simply lovely…
  • Promise Tangeman is one of those people that I have looked up to without ever having met her. Whether it's her style, her hair, her work ethic, her blog, her skills as a designer or her passion for what she does, I always walk away refreshed and refocused on the goals I have as a creative. Be sure to check out her blog and website designs as well!
  • The voice of Kim Walker Smith never ceases to give me chills and How He Loves Us is by far my favorite worship song of all time, because it perfectly describes How God sees you and why He saved you. I never get tired of this song...