The only thing cuter than 'Old Town' Tallinn was this quaint, european hang out, located right off the town square, most properly named "Cafe Central." A little bit italian, a little bit french, a little bit something I couldn't quite put my finger on.. the rustic chic of this bistro provided the perfect shelter from the sudden snow flurry brewing outside.

We had a few hours left before our bus back to Petersburg and we decided to indulge ourselves one last time. Rich lattes, hot cappuccinos and one honey cinnamon cheesecake to share.. wow! Nothing beats a homemade dessert created by your local pastry chef. Knowing that we were partaking in a sweet delicacy that could not be found anywhere else in the world made every bite a moment to be savored with thankfulness.

Cafe Central turned into quite a fond memory of Estonia, sipping coffee while waiting out a snow storm, and on seeing the large collection of wine bottles tagged in euros, it reminded me of just how far I had come. Understanding that you are alone in another country, that everyone you know is across some border or ocean of some kind, gives you a sense of adventure and independence that I hadn't really felt up until this point. Site seeing and photo taking have their place, but the real adventure and experience comes in the 'hole in the wall' cafes that whisper of the character and life of the country around you, in the conversations with strangers that turn into 3 hours later and you hate to say goodbye, and in getting lost on a cobblestone alleyway, aimlessly wandering through a medieval maze .. There is adventure to be had everywhere; one must only keep their eyes open.