Friendship can be a tricky thing. Some of the greatest friends I have ever known seem to have slipped into my life while my guard happened to be down. They don't simply 'try' to be a friend or test the waters to see if it will last.. they simply are. It's who they are. The decision was made before all of the flaws and the problems and the drama began to surface. They aren't friends because it's convenient for them at the time.

There is no possible way to fool a friend. They see the girl behind the make-up, the hurt behind the humor and the fear you pretend isn't there. They brag about you at your best and cry with you at your worst, and the only ammunition they store up is used to strike anyone who tries to come against you..even if your wrong. Being right was never their motive.

She's the one who holds your hand after he let it go, she listens to your failures without ever saying "I told you so.." She makes you brave, even fearless at times, and for a moment you feel like everything will be alright. She's your date night when your single, your texting assistant when your stuck, your binging partner when you feel sad and your gym buddy when you feel fat.

In a world where everyone feels led to leave their 'two-sense' on your life- where you should go, what you should do, who you should be with- we all need that safe place to land in the assurance that you are worth far more than anything you strive for. Your heart was purposed to simply be and live and love- without always having an agenda.

So here's to the great ones that come and never leave. Without you, I can't imagine today the kind of person I would be. If you have any friends like this, hold on tight and don't let go. For " might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones."