I got to shoot the most beautiful interviews in my favorite theatre in the heart of Chelny, Central Russia.  Ever since I came here with a team from Colorado in January, I have been longing for it's black curtains and theatrical lighting- my fellow filmmakers you understand. Settings like this don't just happen in your everyday life and I was determined to make the most of it.

The sweet old man in the lighting booth and I worked quite well together, after I learned how to give him direction in Russian, and before I knew it, I had a half dozen people awaiting my instructions to try and bring all of the ideas clinched within my brain into the light..literally.

One of the most awkward things for me is to conduct an interview in a language I do not understand… I have to rely on my translator SO much and I always end up feeling like a child who got left out of the adult conversation. If I could have a super power, I'm pretty sure it would be to understand and speak in any language. Well I'm working on my Russian, then I'll be at… two.

Aside from my glorious imperfections, the stories I had the honor of capturing were incredible, to say the least. A medical student (with his hospital built and waiting for him) becoming a missionary in Russia, a man addicted to drugs and alcohol- redeemed, a woman completely crushed by her vehicle from the waist down- healed and a young man who was dead- ALIVE! I still don't know why God uses me to tell such tales of His goodness, but I've stopped asking and have decided to go along with it, rendered speechless at every new story He brings my way.