Spring in Saint Petersburg is like waking up from a dream; a dark, very cold dream that seems to have been both yesterday and last year. In the words of C.S. Lewis, "…winter meets it's death" while a world of stimulating beauty emerges from a once frozen city. Days grow longer as the nights begin to disappear, the fountains come on while the clothes come off and outside every metro station you can find the city's most ambitious musicians, in all their "up and rising" glory. The sun has begun to curve throughout the day making an almost complete circle in the sky. It's quite hard to remind yourself to sleep when it doesn't get dark till after one in the morning and the sun greets you again by four. 

Shorts are the new skinny jean and not diving into the public fountains are seen more as suggestions. A sea of tulips replaces a sheet of ice and I'm suddenly reminded of the color green. There is a life and beauty and warmth to this city that I never imagined could exist. All of a sudden, my wardrobe full of sweaters and gloves seem more or less unappealing..

Looking ahead we brace ourselves for longer days and sweeter times, city fountains and fresh fruit stands, good food, live music and days that never end (thanks to those pesky Russian white nights). As the city awakens from a long, dark winter, it's time to immerse ourselves in all of the beauty and culture and life this city has to offer.. 

Spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, a cleansing of the soul in a way.. Awaken your mind and stretch the boundaries of where your dreams can take you. The only limitations on your life are the ones you put on yourself. We must hope big hope that leads to big dreams. If you could be doing absolutely anything this very day, without regard to the opinions of others, what would you do? Now go do it.