Farming + Reaching Your Goals

Well this year was certainly a first for me... My parents' house in the mountains is currently undergoing demolition, so we got to spend christmas house sitting for some friends of ours, who just so happen to be traveling around Europe. Did I mention they live on a farm?? Christmas included a diverse group of 7 horses, 16 chickens, 5 humans, 4 cats, 1 dog and 1 very large, very confident pig named Finnegan. Needless to say, we were outnumbered. After our morning coffee, our days began with egg collecting, chicken wrestling, pig feeding, and for me, snapping as many pictures of the horses when they would come close; I swear one was posing for me. All in all, I would say it was a pretty great Holiday.

One challenge I had to deal with was learning how to balance work and rest when I'm home with family. As a contract writer/videographer/intern I am constantly in work mode. Everyday there is something that I need to do and something else I could do. True, I get to make my own schedule and work in my pajamas, but there's also no one there to make sure I get my work done. I never have any weekends or breaks, not at this point anyways, and usually the only person around that needs to get work done is me. I have probably had to have the most discipline this past week then I've ever had to before. Being a contract worker means your the only one who cares about the work your doing. There are no coworkers, no managers, no awards for "outstanding achievement," no lunch break where you get to vent and bond over your mutual hardships... 

Honestly though, I love what I do. I like how it demands a lot from me, expects a lot from me. I enjoy rising to the challenge and proving myself competent and fully able. Sure I have dreams and goals for the future, but I understand that what I'm doing now is what will help take me to where I want to be. And that alone is enough for me to step aside and get done what needs to get done, even when everyone else is sipping cider and sleeping in. You are the only one who stands between the place your at now and the place you want to be and if your waiting for someone to come and tell you just how much all your hard work is going to pay off, you'll never get anywhere. The truth is I don't know exactly where all this will lead, but how boring would that be? All we can do is do what we do best and trust that God wouldn't put you on a path that didn't lead you to something extraordinary!