Dreaming on Purpose

Lately, when people ask Jeff and I how we're doing, our answer has been without fail.... busy, but good. It seems life has picked up a pace and it doesn't really care if we're newly weds or not. Everyday, we have to be at work, deadlines must be met, the gym must be visited, dinner must be planned, and before you know it, another day greets you along with it's own checklist of "must do's." It's at times like these when it's more important than ever to remember that there's something so much bigger on the inside of you, waiting to work it's way out. Your dreams are more important than you realize. 

When we're young, we're encouraged to dream and reach for a life beyond ourselves. But somewhere along the way between tutus and lipstick, we start to hear a voice that either tells us we'll never achieve those dreams or that we're just being immature and we should be ashamed of our childish dreaming. But what if that voice was not coming from your sophisticated, grown-up self, but rather from someone who knows your dreams, knows everything that you could become, and fears you for it? 

Think about it. We usually don't criticize the people who actually achieve their dreams. Instead, we idolize, look up to, and even envy them. So why is it that we can support everyone else's desires but our own? 

The battle for your future is in your mind. It's important that we guard our hearts and the desires that were etched within it from the moment we were born. The only person who can truly hinder your success is you and you always have a choice on which voice you will listen to. To dream on purpose is to wield your dreams against the attacks of the enemy, clinging closely to the promises that were whispered to you and avoiding the shouts of the accuser against you. It's never too late to take hold of our dreams and be intentional and purposeful in our life-long pursuit to fulfill every single one.