Seize the Day

Yesterday, this gorgeous man turned twenty-seven. 

In all the time I have known Jeff, I have never known him to be passive. He is driven, determined, and intentional in what he wants out of life. Hey, he got me right! :) He cares for the people in his life so deeply that it makes you want to be a better person. He inspires me and intimidates me by how much he loves me, even in my unloveable moments. If there's anything he has taught me so far it's that each moment in life is precious and we should embrace, cherish, and share them with the people in our life. 

Seizing the day isn't just about doing something crazy that you've always wanted to do (although I am certainly all for that!) but it's also seizing the moments that are right in front of you, moments you may never have again. There is something to be taken out of each experience we face; whether it's to learn, grow, enjoy, inspire, encourage, or embrace, every season has a depth that can only be experienced by you in this moment. 

So a very special Happy Birthday to the man who stole my heart- something I never intend on demanding back. I know our life is going to be filled with outrageous dreams and adventures, however big or small, simply because you will be there to help me sieze each one. Here's to living on purpose and getting to live my life with you.