VLOG: Our Wedding Video

Has it been 6 months already?! 

This past week, Jeff and I celebrated half a year of marriage and in honor of this, I thought it be appropriate to share our wedding video! Being the video people that we are, we thought, "Hey, we can just edit our own video." Well this was a LOT harder than I thought it was going to be! As I would search through the footage, I would start watching it and reminiscing in our little home office. Pretty soon, 2 hours had gone by and I hadn't put together anything yet! I quickly realized I was in for more work than I had originally thought. 

But here it is! And I'm so glad I was able to go through our footage, watching all of the crazy, happy and beautiful moments that will never make it into a video. Here's to the rest of our lives! 

Click below to watch our Wedding video :)