Getting Over Other People's Opinions


It’s everywhere we look…

How many likes did I get?

How many shares?

Who sent me a heart?

How many friends or followers do I have?

What’s your status?

What’s your title?

What’s your 10-year plan for accomplishing all of your dreams?

It’s basically impossible to go through this life without having to deal with other people’s opinions of you, your life, your choices, and basically everything in between. The goal isn’t to snuff out the opinions of others, but the learn how to hear them in a healthy way by being respectful of others and yourself.

You are not a product of other people’s opinions, but of your own choices.

At some point we have to take responsibility for our own lives and realize that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like us. You weren’t created to please other people but to please God. And sister, let me tell you what pleases God… faith.

 It takes faith to believe what God says about you. It takes faith to believe that you are His beloved Daughter in whom He gave His own life for. It takes faith to believe that no matter what you do, don’t do, say or don’t say, or how holy you live your life, you can never change His opinion of you because it was decided in His heart a long, long time ago. That takes faith. And it pleases your Father when you choose His opinion over others’.

 But it’s not always easy. Sure we may understand to a point how God sees us, but we’re constantly reminded of everyone else’s opinion of us and our actions to the point where it becomes our default meditation. You don’t have to try and compare yourself to others. You will have to intentionally set your mind on God and His truth.

 Now, I feel like I need to say this one thing here because I think a lot of girls tend to be just rude, short and judgmental, and then when other people don’t like them, they say, “well I don’t care what you think.” Well sure, God still loves you and you can be rude and He won’t change His mind, but being a mean person is just being a mean person and it’s going to seriously stunt your growth in God.

So let’s not use our freedom in God to hurt or judge other people. But let’s set a higher standard as Christian women of what it means to be confident in who we are and yet humble enough to lend a helping hand for those who aren’t quite there yet.

It’s true we’re not called to imitate other people but we are called to imitate Jesus. And if you take a look at His life, He wasn’t obsessed with what people thought of Him, but He was also humble, friendly and full of love and acceptance for others. He’s our role model and the only life we should be mirroring ours after.

 So don’t stress out about the opinions of others. Get yourself a few good people around you who have proven how much they care, and then take what they say with a grain of salt, brining everything before God, who is able to search your heart and bring up what needs a looking at.

 Be strong, but moldable. Be secure, but teachable. Be true, but humble. And always look to Jesus for your security. I promise, He’s the only one who will never let you down.