A Living Sacrifice

Bible Study: Journey Week Two

The very first step to discovering the good, acceptable and perfect will of God? Becoming a living sacrifice. But there’s just one itty bitty problem with a living sacrifice… it keeps crawling off the alter!

Ever make a decision that your going to start a new habit or quit an old one. You make a genuine confession to God that you will do (blank) when in this certain situation again, but when faced with the same thing, you immediately resort to old ways of behavior? I get it. That’s because we can truly mean what we say, we can forgive wholeheartedly, we can truly declare to God that we will change… and then fall flat on our face. Our decisions to follow our emotions, but our emotions will follow our decisions.

When we make a decision to hand our lives over to God, we have to daily make that same decision not because we didn’t truly mean it the first time, but we all have flash (old habits, thinking, emotions) that don’t really want to comply with our new ways. It keeps trying to crawl off the alter we’re laying ourselves on and if we’re passive in this, we will find ourselves always falling short of what we are truly trying to do.

It’s the same with our dreams. We want to hand them over to God, but daily our flesh will be distracted to have things go our own way. We have to stay active in our resolve to put God on the throne of our hearts and keep Him there.

Join me for week 2 of the Journey Bible Study and let’s see how becoming a living sacrifice actually works in our daily lives.