How to Fight Your Battles Well with Racquel Hudson

Bible Study: Fight Well Week Five

Racquel Hudson, survivor, fighter and overall strong girl, is on the Fight Well Bible Study to share with you the keys that brought her from sick on the couch, to living a strong, healthy and impactful life.

One of the most discouraging things that can happen when we're fighting a battle is when we don't see results. Too often we get distracted by the mindset that "If I could just confess the Word enough, then I could make this happen in my life." All of a sudden we start fighting to get victory rather than fighting from victory.

You are not fighting to move God or to get Him to notice you and your struggles, just like your church attendance and volunteer schedule won't change the fact that it's already a done deal. It is finished! God has already provided your complete healing, restoration, provision, prosperity, wisdom and purpose. It's when we get our minds off of what we can get from God and look at what He's already freely given to us, that we begin to start seeing those results.

Join us as we chat about life, Jesus, and fighting our battles well. You won’t want to miss what she has to say!