The Balance Between Rest + Hustle

Bible Study: Journey Week Five

It’s the never ending struggle… hustle till you make it but don’t forget to rest.

Has anyone actually found this magic balance yet? You read that you have to hustle if you want to make it, that God is looking for the faithful and you have to prove yourself in the mundane. But then you hear teaching after teaching about the importance of rest and how this should be the state in which we do everything. Well, which is it?

I believe there is a secret sauce to this balance and I want to share that with you in today’s video. It’s not enough just to hustle until you make it. That will get you tired, burned out and totally depending on little ole you. But it’s also not just enough to “rest” and expect God to magically bring you the dreams you want. We do have a role to play.

So what is it? What’s our part and what’s God’s part in all this. Let’s talk about that and more in week 5 of the Journey study. I’ll see you inside!