The Original Storyline

Bible Study: Journey Week One

What if I told you that your dreams are important to God? More than that, what if I said that your dreams were designed by God and His heart is to help you achieve each and every one?

Most of us have one of two views when it comes to our dreams: either we think they are them most important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter who we have to use, abuse or run over to make them happen, or we think they are childish behavior that God wants us to grow out of.

I don’t see either of these views in the bible, but what I do see is a Creator who instills specific dreams, talents and desires inside each and every heart, and how He wants most of all to take this journey with us to discovering what they are, what they mean and how He wants to play them out in our lives.

Because this world will tell you to just go for it, no matter who you hurt, no matter what it takes, and no matter what damage you do to yourself along the way. But can I tell you something? This world really doesn’t care about you or your dreams. They just want you to take their class on “How to Achieve Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps.” They could care less about the person you become or how much long-term success you actually have.

God has bigger plans for you, plans that would astound you. But before you can dive into what those plans actually are, we need to uncover the original storyline of our Creator, the real story of why you’re here and what God’s ideas of your dreams really are like.

Let’s unpack what this story actually brings out and start on the journey to dream chasing with God.