The Starry Night

Bible Study: Journey Week Three

You can’t go somewhere that you haven’t first been in your mind. Too often we dream only in ways where we can comprehend our natural selves getting to on our own. But the problem with that is there is no room for God. Where our ability ends, God’s ability begins. But if you never walk over the edge of yourself, you’ll never see what God can do through you.

Abraham was a man with great promise and a huge future, but even he had trouble comprehending God’s bigger vision for his life. It was so big, that God brought him outside one night and told him to count the starts. That’s how big his plans were for him… innumerable.

If you can truly see yourself getting to where you need to go all on your lonesome, then you are NOT dreaming big enough. God’s not interested in giving you a 10-step plan for ultimate success to your dreams because the journey to getting there is what is going to mold you into the person who is able to thrive in those dreams. But will give you a picture, an experience, a starry night, where He will overwhelm you with His greatness that brings you to a place of ultimate dependency on Him. Because that is the only way you will ever accomplish His plans for you life… completely dependent on Him.

Let you mind unplug from all the distractions around you and start to let Him bring you to starry nights, full of promise, purpose and the adventure ahead. Then you can trust Him as He takes you down paths that you never dreamed you’d be on. It’s all in the journey ahead. I’ll see you inside week 3 of the study!