What's in Your Hand?

Bible Study: Journey Week Four

We can all get a bit anxious when it comes to chasing down our dreams. But too often, we think of the “big picture” and refuse to see what’s right in front of us to do. What is it in this season that you are able to do to work towards your dreams?

Maybe your passion needs to become a hobby that you do faithfully on the side before it becomes a source of income. Maybe you need to do some volunteering and assist in helping other people’s dreams come true in an area that you are also passionate about. Maybe there are people in your life right now that God is wanting to use you to influence before you influence a large crowd. It’s all about the small, seemingly insignificant ways that you prove your faithfulness to yourself and build a trust in God.

This is the step that most Christians tend to skip on their highway to success. Even if they wholeheartedly surrender over their lives to become living sacrifices for God, they tend to overlook the mundane everyday because, well, it’s mundane! And our dreams are anything but!

This is where dreams go from a vision, to something that is physically being built in your life. Start by examining what’s in your hand and you’ll be amazed at how busy it keeps you.

Join me for week 4 of the Journey Bible Study and discover what opportunities you have right now to chase your dreams with God.