How Well Do You Know His Truth?


Bible Study: Winning the Battle in Your Mind Pt. 1

Do you ever feel like your thoughts and emotions are in control of your life? You know how to act but then those pesky thoughts come and start bubbling up those darn emotions and then suddenly you look at yourself and go, “Who is that crazy person?”

You’re not crazy and you’re not alone! We all have to deal with what goes on in our heads but we don’t have to deal with it in our own strength.

If you’ve been wanting to see changes in your thought life, your emotions or your overall joy and peace, then this is the first and most vital step to getting you there.

Enter the 3 Keys to Winning the Battle in Your Mind Mini Challenge!

The first key to not just surviving but actually winning those everyday battles going on in your mind and heart, is to get so familiar with His truth, that when anything contrary starts rising up on the inside of you, it’s easier to recognize it and your soul will have the opportunity to start lining up with life.

For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives.
— John 8:32 TPT

Notice that we have to embrace truth. It doesn’t just automatically happen because we’re Christians or we mean well. It’s an intentional act by us to cling to His truth rather than to our thoughts or emotions. Because those things are not only temporary, but generally untrue and unreliable. If we want to live overcoming, powerful and impactful lives, then we can’t be so easily swayed by every thought and whim of emotion. We muse become stable. We must secure our hearts on His truth.

Check out part one of the new Summer Mini Series and let’s start becoming secure women of truth!