Finding Purpose in Your Everyday

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From the moment we get engaged, we feel an overwhelming sense of purpose in ourselves… I’m getting married. I’m going to have a wedding. I am going to be the perfect wife. This purpose doesn’t seem lofty or over dramatic at the time, but once the “I Dos” are said, the cakes been cut and the honeymoon is over, we start to understand that perhaps we are still the same person we were before, and perhaps we need a bigger, more significant purpose in our lives than a single-day event or an idea of perfection.

Society puts WAY too much pressure on young women to be the best new wives imaginable… but not just the best. They expect perfection! All you have to do is take a scroll on Instagram, browse the latest stores or flip through HGTV. These women are Super Babes!

But it’s not just society, it’s us too. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone (especially out husbands) that we wind up exhausted and feeling like we’re failing everyone instead (especially our husbands). What happened to that powerful, fit, talented and confident wife we saw in our dreams as we planned our wedding? Was she really just a dream? Or is she still there, waiting for her chance to be made known to this world?

I believe there is so much more potential in you than you realize, but when our priorities are out of sync, or our expectation on ourselves are not realistic, then we stifle this potential, leaving us feeling frustrated. Instead of getting our sense of purpose from how perfect of a wife, friend, sister, woman, Christian we can be, we should start to look somewhere else… somewhere divine and fully within your reach to achieve every single day.

We should never get our sense of worth or value from any one person, relationship or circumstance, because these can always let you down. And trust me, it’s an emotional rollercoaster ride. We have to get our identity, worth and value from Jesus. That way, we’re free to move about our day, full whole and healthy, ready to step into our next purpose… an Ambassador on this earth for God’s Kingdom.

When people experience you, how do you make them feel? I’m not talking about taking responsibility for other people’s moods… that’s a pretty lofty task. But I do mean being intentional to leave every single person you encounter that day a little better off than when you found them.

We’re all too busy with our schedules, duties and demands that we miss the divine moments right in front of us everyday. When you get your eyes off of yourself and onto someone else, it instills a sense of purpose like you’ve never had before. People experience Jesus through other people. Maybe there are moments written out for you to act in; moments that are part of your story on this earth.

As women, we are super relational so I know this can be both hard and the most natural thing in the world. But I promise you that when you start to use your time, energy and heart to listen to other people, to truly see where they are coming from, and to encourage with kind words, you will be infused with so much purpose that your shortcomings will pale in comparison. God is using you to spread his love!

So I guess what I’m saying is that yes, the everyday can feel empty, frustrating and mundane. But when you shift your perspective onto the other people around you, you’ll have an excitement for each moment and an expectation on each encounter. And as you’re faithful to be there for those who are currently in your small sphere of influence, God will bring more of his precious kids your way.

Help make someone’s day a little better and your purpose will never run dry.