The Balance Between Rest + Hustle

Bible Study: Journey Week Five

It’s the never ending struggle… hustle till you make it but don’t forget to rest.

Has anyone actually found this magic balance yet? You read that you have to hustle if you want to make it, that God is looking for the faithful and you have to prove yourself in the mundane. But then you hear teaching after teaching about the importance of rest and how this should be the state in which we do everything. Well, which is it?

I believe there is a secret sauce to this balance and I want to share that with you in today’s video. It’s not enough just to hustle until you make it. That will get you tired, burned out and totally depending on little ole you. But it’s also not just enough to “rest” and expect God to magically bring you the dreams you want. We do have a role to play.

So what is it? What’s our part and what’s God’s part in all this. Let’s talk about that and more in week 5 of the Journey study. I’ll see you inside!

What's in Your Hand?

Bible Study: Journey Week Four

We can all get a bit anxious when it comes to chasing down our dreams. But too often, we think of the “big picture” and refuse to see what’s right in front of us to do. What is it in this season that you are able to do to work towards your dreams?

Maybe your passion needs to become a hobby that you do faithfully on the side before it becomes a source of income. Maybe you need to do some volunteering and assist in helping other people’s dreams come true in an area that you are also passionate about. Maybe there are people in your life right now that God is wanting to use you to influence before you influence a large crowd. It’s all about the small, seemingly insignificant ways that you prove your faithfulness to yourself and build a trust in God.

This is the step that most Christians tend to skip on their highway to success. Even if they wholeheartedly surrender over their lives to become living sacrifices for God, they tend to overlook the mundane everyday because, well, it’s mundane! And our dreams are anything but!

This is where dreams go from a vision, to something that is physically being built in your life. Start by examining what’s in your hand and you’ll be amazed at how busy it keeps you.

Join me for week 4 of the Journey Bible Study and discover what opportunities you have right now to chase your dreams with God.


The Starry Night

Bible Study: Journey Week Three

You can’t go somewhere that you haven’t first been in your mind. Too often we dream only in ways where we can comprehend our natural selves getting to on our own. But the problem with that is there is no room for God. Where our ability ends, God’s ability begins. But if you never walk over the edge of yourself, you’ll never see what God can do through you.

Abraham was a man with great promise and a huge future, but even he had trouble comprehending God’s bigger vision for his life. It was so big, that God brought him outside one night and told him to count the starts. That’s how big his plans were for him… innumerable.

If you can truly see yourself getting to where you need to go all on your lonesome, then you are NOT dreaming big enough. God’s not interested in giving you a 10-step plan for ultimate success to your dreams because the journey to getting there is what is going to mold you into the person who is able to thrive in those dreams. But will give you a picture, an experience, a starry night, where He will overwhelm you with His greatness that brings you to a place of ultimate dependency on Him. Because that is the only way you will ever accomplish His plans for you life… completely dependent on Him.

Let you mind unplug from all the distractions around you and start to let Him bring you to starry nights, full of promise, purpose and the adventure ahead. Then you can trust Him as He takes you down paths that you never dreamed you’d be on. It’s all in the journey ahead. I’ll see you inside week 3 of the study!


A Living Sacrifice

Bible Study: Journey Week Two

The very first step to discovering the good, acceptable and perfect will of God? Becoming a living sacrifice. But there’s just one itty bitty problem with a living sacrifice… it keeps crawling off the alter!

Ever make a decision that your going to start a new habit or quit an old one. You make a genuine confession to God that you will do (blank) when in this certain situation again, but when faced with the same thing, you immediately resort to old ways of behavior? I get it. That’s because we can truly mean what we say, we can forgive wholeheartedly, we can truly declare to God that we will change… and then fall flat on our face. Our decisions to follow our emotions, but our emotions will follow our decisions.

When we make a decision to hand our lives over to God, we have to daily make that same decision not because we didn’t truly mean it the first time, but we all have flash (old habits, thinking, emotions) that don’t really want to comply with our new ways. It keeps trying to crawl off the alter we’re laying ourselves on and if we’re passive in this, we will find ourselves always falling short of what we are truly trying to do.

It’s the same with our dreams. We want to hand them over to God, but daily our flesh will be distracted to have things go our own way. We have to stay active in our resolve to put God on the throne of our hearts and keep Him there.

Join me for week 2 of the Journey Bible Study and let’s see how becoming a living sacrifice actually works in our daily lives.


The Original Storyline

Bible Study: Journey Week One

What if I told you that your dreams are important to God? More than that, what if I said that your dreams were designed by God and His heart is to help you achieve each and every one?

Most of us have one of two views when it comes to our dreams: either we think they are them most important thing in this world and it doesn’t matter who we have to use, abuse or run over to make them happen, or we think they are childish behavior that God wants us to grow out of.

I don’t see either of these views in the bible, but what I do see is a Creator who instills specific dreams, talents and desires inside each and every heart, and how He wants most of all to take this journey with us to discovering what they are, what they mean and how He wants to play them out in our lives.

Because this world will tell you to just go for it, no matter who you hurt, no matter what it takes, and no matter what damage you do to yourself along the way. But can I tell you something? This world really doesn’t care about you or your dreams. They just want you to take their class on “How to Achieve Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps.” They could care less about the person you become or how much long-term success you actually have.

God has bigger plans for you, plans that would astound you. But before you can dive into what those plans actually are, we need to uncover the original storyline of our Creator, the real story of why you’re here and what God’s ideas of your dreams really are like.

Let’s unpack what this story actually brings out and start on the journey to dream chasing with God.