How to Fight Your Battles Well with Racquel Hudson

Bible Study: Fight Well Week Five

Racquel Hudson, survivor, fighter and overall strong girl, is on the Fight Well Bible Study to share with you the keys that brought her from sick on the couch, to living a strong, healthy and impactful life.

One of the most discouraging things that can happen when we're fighting a battle is when we don't see results. Too often we get distracted by the mindset that "If I could just confess the Word enough, then I could make this happen in my life." All of a sudden we start fighting to get victory rather than fighting from victory.

You are not fighting to move God or to get Him to notice you and your struggles, just like your church attendance and volunteer schedule won't change the fact that it's already a done deal. It is finished! God has already provided your complete healing, restoration, provision, prosperity, wisdom and purpose. It's when we get our minds off of what we can get from God and look at what He's already freely given to us, that we begin to start seeing those results.

Join us as we chat about life, Jesus, and fighting our battles well. You won’t want to miss what she has to say!


My Shining Knight

Bible Study: Fight Well Week Four

When it comes to fighting our battles well, one of the most important things to remember is that we are never fighting to gain anything, but to protect what was freely given to us by Jesus. He paid the price, he tore the veil, he won the victory and he gave us the prize. You’re not fighting in order to earn your place in God’s Kingdom or to prove you have what it takes to be one of his “Super Saints.” What was done on your behalf was something we never could have earned for ourselves. That’s exactly why we needed a Savior and it’s also why we must constantly depend on Him as we fight our everyday battles.

Grab an iced coffee cause it’s hot outside and let’s have a chat about why you can have peace in the midst of your battles.


Authority Made Simple

Bible Study: Fight Well Week Three

I used to not really take the whole "armor of God" thing seriously... I mean, it’s not like there’s actual armor that I can put on after getting dressed in the morning and all of a sudden I feel completely ready for whatever might come my way. “Coffee spilled all over my white shirt... no problem! A girl is super rude to me at work... atta girl! My husband is short to me while I’m cooking dinner... bless you!” No, this just simply isn’t the case. I tend to feel more unprepared throughout my day and can easily get frustrated or discouraged by all the unpredictable inconveniences along the way.

But when we see the armor of God not as invisible sheets of metal that we pretended to put on as a kid, but rather as decisions we make in our heart at the start of each day as to how we’re going to live and act, then we truly begin to prepare ourselves to live peaceful and powerful lives.

Too often we wait till trouble is on the horizon (or we’re right smack dab in the hot mess) to turn to God’s word, looking for some quick fix to the boiling anger we feel rising up in our soul. We’re short, rude and snappy with people. We take offense and harbor the faults of others in our hearts. We get discouraged and quickly take our eyes off of Jesus and look to the waves around us, searching for an answer.

But our answer is always the same... Jesus is our answer, our protection and our power to reign in life. Take some time at the beginning of your day to go through the armor of God and make a bold declaration that the enemy cannot have your peace, joy or purpose set for that day. But you will walk in faith, carry peace, extend mercy, and wield the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God.

So let's go over this sacred armor, forged in the fires of heaven and prepared for Daughters without rival, to truly understand what it means to "put on" what our Father gave to us.

It's time we rise, shine and lift others up along the way. It's time we love fearlessly, live purposefully and fight our battles well. 

Get your armor on girl! It’s a new day.