How To Be Intentional in the New Year

It happens to all of us. We start off the year with the best of intentions and enough goals that, if completed, will somehow transform us into that super-woman we aspire to be, and then as the weeks roll on, one goal after another is dropped as we get busy with the life we currently live. 

Recently, Jeff and I have really gotten into lists. They say that successful people don't just plan out their day, but their week, and some even their month! While a month might be a bit extreme for us right now, we've been planning out our weeks and it really does make a HUGE difference in our productivity, not to mention stress levels. 

Take a look at each day of the upcoming week. Figure out what all needs to get accomplished that week and break it up into categories. For Jeff and I, we have our tasks for work, our finances, our side business, our own creative projects (like this blog), and personal time. Layout the tasks into each day, where you will be accomplishing something each day in each category. Sometimes, we can get overly pumped about work or a hobby that we devote all our attention to that one category and end up lacking in the rest. We usually end up feeling like we over did it and yet didn't get enough done. 

Now, we do go through seasons, and not every season will look the same. Make sure to take that into consideration. Maybe it's a super busy time and your free time is limited for a while. Maybe work is slow and you can devote more time to side projects. Wherever you are, recognize your season and embrace it. This will help you get the most out of each one. 

As far as personal time goes, this category cannot be skipped! This is where you plan your work outs, your date nights, the books you will read, or the trips you will take. I believe that if you will schedule at least one thing each day that you either enjoy or will better you in some way, then you will ultimately feel more accomplished and happy as a whole. We were created to grow and reach for higher things. We will never be satisfied with out it. 

Finally, go through your day and focus on the task at hand. If you're at work, be at work. If your spending time with your husband, don't talk about work or finances (unless your having a mutual conversation about them). If something comes up in your mind, add it to the list and let it go until it's time to address it. Being able to focus will allow you to go through your day checking more things off your list and in turn, will make you feel more accomplished, less stressed, and more able to take on the challenges ahead.