West Palm Getaway

Hot and sticky... just the way we like it! Nothing beats the Florida heat and our thirsty Colorado skin soaked up every ounce of it. Making the getaway to West Palm Beach was one of the best decisions we've made in a long time. We were able to stay with Jeff's family and he took great pleasure in giving me the grand tour of his journey from childhood to adulthood. This swampy land holds so many moments and memories for him; it was so neat to catch a glimpse into his past and learn more of who he is. 

Taking the time to just be together, without the stress, demands, and interruptions of life, was an all-too-important lesson that these two learned rather quickly. Seeing each other completely at rest allowed us to see the other for who they truly are, without the mask of just making it through the day

Whether we were chasing giant palmetto bugs, pigging-out on Publix subs, kissing our salty lips in the ocean, or driving around late at night with the windows down and singing to our hearts' content, not one moment was put to waste. 

Now we're back and with just a little over 4 months till our wedding day, there is certainly a LOT to be rested up for. Until next time Florida; you will be missed. Well.. sort of. I don't miss the bugs!