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We are not fighting for victory, but from victory. God has won the war, but it is time we win the battle. 

I pray that you rise up in the undeniable truth of your Royal identity, adamant weapon and carefully crafted purpose that was written for you before the dawn of all ages. God has written a magnificent story for you full of bravery, courage, romance, wonder and destiny. The only question is will we choose His story for our lives? I pray you will.

Let’s take up our swords and together, learn the battle strategies of a Royal Daughter.



You were born for such a time as this. This is your moment in history, your canvas of time and your appointed purpose to bring your Father’s glory, splendor and love to a lost and broken world. You are not unimportant, replaceable or a mistake. You are royal, needed and deeply loved. You are also vital to His Kingdom purpose and must rise up in the bravery that was deposited in your heart at the beginning of time.

As Daughters of the Most High God, it's time we discover the brave that lies on the inside of us and seek out the unique ways we were created to have courage on this earth.

Let's go on a journey to seek out what was lost and rediscover a brave heart within.